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The Urban Lifestyle & Wellness Blog!

Ruled By Venus Is A Innovative, Urban Lifestyle & Wellness Blog. 

Its aim is to use the Venus Archetypes to encourage and promote Individual & Collective Self Development and Healing. 

Using Ancient Metaphysics; Eastern and Western Philosophy we can now merge our understanding of the sciences, combined with ancient wisdom to incorporate these principles and values into our urbanistic lifestyles today. 


In today's Urban culture, we have subconsciously lost many of our natural and simplistic ways of living; from how we relate to ourselves, others, and of course mother nature. 

The western world is currently on the uphill rise of its biggest mental (and physical) health crisis in history! Of course, only drastically enhanced by the global pandemic, and its knock-on effects on the global economy and politics.  

With the rise of technology vastly taking over our everyday lives, producing stimuli at a faster rate than mankind has yet to experience. We are yet to acknowledge the long term impact this will have on us individually as well as the collective psyche. The Millenial generation and those to follow are in the midst of a novel 'human experiment where the effects of these new ways of living are yet to be measured. These are the generations which have been affected the most, simultaneously being more important now than ever in sustaining and supporting the well-being of our future. 

In the overwhelmingly fast pace of our cities, tied in with the nonstop hustle and bustle culture, receiving constant stimuli has become the norm and has changed the way we relate as humans, taking an everlasting toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.  

This has led to and caused much of the unnecessary suffering we see today, not only to our planet but to ourselves as the human race. 

Here at R.B.V, we believe that with education, wisdom, consciousness, and healing (as well as a sense of humour) we still have time to restore much of the damage done and can improve our individual and collective health and life experience.


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