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All Is Self Documentary

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

This film aims to point out the fundamental truth of our oneness by exploring this subject from the perspectives of many different world traditions – each of which state that there is a greater intelligence—a universal consciousness—of which our individual consciousness is but an expression. If we can awaken to this source of consciousness within us, then we can see it within all beings, and we will realise that all beings are our family, all is one, all is self.


Documentary Description:

The chaos we see in society is a reflection of the chaos within the minds of human beings. If we wish to heal society, we need to heal ourselves. Our society, and consequently us as individuals, operates on a worldview based in separation, in seeing and feeling ourselves to be separate from nature. This allow us to cause so much destruction to the earth without feeling that we are destroying ourselves. This is what allows us to act with hatred and cause harm to others because we do not see our oneness with them. This is what makes so many of us feel miserable because we feel we are isolated and separate from the whole, and therefore, must live in fear of life. While, many of us may feel that we are somehow separate from the rest of existence, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Separation is an illusion. In reality, we are far more connected than we could possibly imagine. This film explores the topic of our unity and shows how spiritual traditions around the world have understood this for millennia, and how modern science is beginning to understand it now.

Featured in the film are (in order of appearance):

Chase Iron Eyes –

Lakota Water Protector Amit Goswami –

Theoretical Physicist Tim Freke –

Philosopher Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. –

Teacher from the Toltec Tradition Walter Kankin –

Mayan Spiritual Guide Maestro Juan Gabriel –

Q’ero Wisdomkeeper Caroline Putnam –

Founder of Reviveolution Swami Santatmananda Saraswati –

Teacher of Advaita Vedanta Amoda Maa –

Spiritual Teacher Master Gu –

Taoist Tai Chi Master Joseph P. Kauffman –

Creator of “All Is Self,” and Conscious Collective .

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